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If your looking for high quality fun filled entertainment for young and old alike this package is ideal for you

Comedy magic show

Games & Prizes

Mini disco and balloon models

Add on disco & karaoke

If you are planning a family party such as a Christening or Wedding and are expecting a lot of children which you wish to keep entertained this is exactly the entertainment you want.

To start things off there is a 45 minute comedy family magic show suitable for kids of all ages and even grown up kids too! The show is very modern with things such as Deal or No Deal, Cartoon story time, Drew the drawing, bake a cake and the race game.

I try to use as many people as possible during the show including some grown ups and all my helpers will receive their own magicians assistant certificate for helping with the show.

After the magic show it’s time for the games show which are all none elimination games except from the adults version of the plate spin challenge which you can see from the picture is an extremely funny game.

My games include magical musical snap, corners, to me, the plate spin challenge, limbo, carry on musical chairs and a few more too. I provide all the prizes I will need so you do not need to go to any trouble or extra expense in providing these.

I come complete with a mini disco complete with flashing lights and all the games are set to music so there’ll be time for a few party dances through the show.

Towards the end of the show I will make each of the kids a balloon model of their choice as a souvenir from the party and to thank them all for joining in with a great party.

The above package is 2 hours long but you can extend my time with you by adding on disco and karaoke where you can all blast out your favourite songs and dance to some great music.

If you would like to enquire about this package and make sure I am available on the date you require please push the party quote button and I’ll reply a.s.a.p.

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