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Here are some of the most frequent questions I get asked about my services and the answers to those questions. If you still have a question after reading this please contact me and I’ll promptly answer.

How soon should I book you?

As soon as you decide what date and time you’d like me. Always book your entertainer before the venue. My availability changes daily. A date I could have been free on a week ago may now not be free and I can easily get you booked in with the venue details to follow.

The month of December is always extremely busy and I am often rebooked on the spot for the following year so if you are looking at having a party in December then it’s best to ask me now.

Should I hire a venue?

If you wish to book my Magical Disco Party or Disco & Games package I would certainly advise it. I take up a lot of room and there’ll be kids dashing about during the games section. So unless you have a very large room at home free from things that could get knocked over then yes I would recommend you book a hall or function room.

If you are just wanting my 1 hour Magic & Balloons package then I can certainly provide this package in your living room.

What ages are your shows suitable for?

I have 4 versions of my Magic show 2 for under 5’s and 2 for over 5’s and the youngest I would say should be 3 years or age. If you are having a 1st birthday party and the majority of kids coming are 3 or over that’s fine. However, should the majority of the kids be 1 or 2 then I’d advise you to save your money as at that age turning a light on is magic to them.

For older kids 10, 11 and upwards or those who don’t want a magic show my Disco & Games package is ideal.

My packages are also ideal for Weddings, Christenings, Holiday Camps, Hotels etc as I do like to provide a fun family show.

Do you only provide entertainment at weekends?

No, although Weekends are the most popular time for kids parties I can provide any of my packages at any time during the week and I am regularly booked by Schools, Nurseries and Holiday Centres midweek.

How far do you travel?

For the majority of my packages anywhere and everywhere. I cover Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire, Merseyside and beyond. I am even travelling to a Holiday Camp in Skegness this year. My 1 hour shows however, are only available in the Greater Manchester area and are only available mid week and weekend mornings.

Do you have a limit to the amount of kids we invite?

Simple answer. No certainly not. The week prior to your party I’ll contact you to get a rough number as to how many you’re expecting.

How do I Pay, do I need to pay a booking fee?

A booking fee is required in the vast majority of bookings and this is done via a debit or credit card. Your booking is only confirmed once this has been paid and must be done within 5 days. After this time the date and time you requested will be available again. The remaining balance is then paid upon my arrival in cash and I will give you a receipt for the full amount. Unfortunately I can no longer accept cheques as payment on the day. Should you wish to pay by cheque this must be sent to me 2 weeks prior to your party and the cheque cleared before the date of the party.

How long does it take you to setup?

Although it doesn’t take me very long to setup I aim to be with you a minimum of 45 minutes prior to the start of your party. Not only does this provide you with peace of mind that I won’t be on the last minute but in the extremely unlikely event of something not working I have ample time to sort it without it affecting the show.

Do you have a CRB or DBS which it is now known as?

I don’t have a CRB as that no longer exists and anyone claiming to have one isn’t being honest with you  as it will be at least 5 years old as DBS replaced CRB on 1st March 2013.

I do have a DBS dated February 2018 however, in order to request a copy of my certificate you must be able to access the DBS online verification portal as I will provide my certificate number only as this is an official government document.

I will also have to record the details of the person or organisation that has asked to see it. The DBS have very strict guidelines of when and where a DBS applies and should you be asking to see it where the DBS does not apply the DBS may take action against you.

At all times adult supervision must be provided. Under no circumstances will I commence or continue with any package should this not be provided. The full fee shall remain payable.



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