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Christmas Parties @ Magic 2 Kids

Every year I produce a Christmas themed Magical Disco Party, Disco Party and 1 hour Magic & Balloons package which is available to Schools, Nurseries, Play Centres, Holiday Camps, Pubs, and Clubs etc. the list is endless.

Every year I get booked for Christmas parties months in advance, sometimes as early as January. My availability especially at weekends reduces as we get nearer the festive season so my advice to you is to book as early as possible.

If you know the date and times you wish to book me for your Christmas party, that’s all I need to know for now. You can let me know the venue details once you have booked one. It’s a lot easier to book me first and then find a venue than it is to book a venue only to discover I am not available at that time.

You can view the details of the Magical Disco Party by clicking here

You can also view details of the Disco Party by clicking here

For your peace of mind every engagement I undertake is confirmed in writing and emailed to you upon your instruction that you wish to book my services.

Unlike many amateur entertainers and entertainment agencies  I am a registered member of Equity which is the only professional organisation for Children’s Entertainers and requires various pieces of professional evidence in order to be accepted as a member.

I also have full public liability insurance and you can download and print a current copy of my policy by clicking on downloads in the top menu.  

All my equipment is also thoroughly tested for electrical safety and my current test certificate is also available to download and print on my downloads page.

I do also have a current DBS which is only available to certain groups who are also registered with the DBS as all that you will require will be my certificate number which you can then validate through the DBS online portal.

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