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Ideal for parties at home or if you have other entertainment going on is my 1 hour magic & balloons package.

Comedy magic show

Balloon models for all the kids

My 1 hour magic and balloons package is ideal for parties at home as it takes up very little room whereas the 2 hour magical disco party does require a lot of space for the games show section. It is also ideal if you have other entertainment or activities such as a bouncy castle booked too.

To start the party off we play a quick silly game so everyone is laughing away and ready for the great show that will follow.

The magic show lasts around 50 minutes and is tailored around the age of the kids attending the party so that there is nothing too hard for them to understand or too babyish for them to have no interest.

It is a very modern show and includes things like Deal or No Deal, The Race Game, Drew the Drawing, Cake off, Cops and robbers and loads more.

Throughout the show there are silly sound effects, the wrong type of sound effects and a crazy man shouting at a speaker which everyone finds extremely funny.

During the show the kids will be able to help me on a number of occasions and should you wish to book this package for a birthday party the birthday child will be the star of the show and join in with a few things especially for them.

All my helpers will get their very own magic wand certificate and prize for helping me with the magic show.

After the show ends it’s time for a quick party dance which is very easy to do and doesn’t take up any space.

After our party dances I will give each of the kids a pre made balloon model as a thank you for joining in the show and then it’s off for something to eat or on the bouncy castle they go!

To enquire about this or any of the other packages on my website simply press the party quote button at the top and I’ll be in touch a.s.a.p.

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